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Strategic Transformation

Avoid the commoditization trap of inbound marketing services

Financial Transformation

Triple your profit margins while increasing close rates and retention

Personal Transformation

Regain control of your time and energy

Time to step off the agency hamster wheel

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How we help simplify and scale your marketing services business

Inbound Strategy System

We teach a proven system for delivering strategy retainers.

Strategy Products

Our strategy templates make your retainers repeatable, profitable and sticky.

Group Workshops

We collaborate, develop new strategies, and stay ahead of trends.

Meet Max Traylor

Max’s “inbound strategy system” has helped agencies and marketing entrepreneurs just like you transform their business and personal lives by embracing proven, repeatable strategy products and consulting methods.


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What Happens When You Focus On Strategy?

Doug Kirk

Look ma, no employees!

Doug used the CMB to bring his business to platinum HubSpot partner status without adding a single employee. That’s nearly 100k a year in commissions alone.

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Ben Engel

5x your investment in 6 months

Ben invested $12,500 in the CMB partner program and within 6 months used the process to secure $76,000 in consulting revenue.

More Success Stories

The real opportunity in marketing today is not services: but strategy

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