The Content Marketer’s Blueprint

Your Plan for Making Inbound Manageable, Sustainable, and Profitable

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Inbound marketing can grow your business or help your school achieve its admissions goals, but you already know that.

The big question is, how do you actually go about building an inbound marketing campaign—one that gets the results you want?

  • Which prospects should you target?
  • What topics should you cover in your content?
  • How do you turn website visitors into leads?
  • How do you hold onto leads and turn them into customers?
  • What are you supposed to do with all the features of your expensive marketing automation software?
  • How do you know if what you’re doing is working, or worth it?

What you could really use is something that tells you exactly what to do.

What you need is a plan, a detailed strategy designed specifically for your business to attract the ideal prospects online and, using marketing automation, nurture their interest to a point of engagement.

That’s exactly what the Content Marketer’s Blueprint ™ does.

What is the Content Marketing Blueprint?

The Content Marketer’s Blueprint is a customized inbound marketing strategy for growing a business or school online. Innovative Marketing Resources invented the Content Marketer’s Blueprint to provide businesses like yours a clear plan for engaging with your ideal customers based on proven inbound marketing science The Content Marketer’s Blueprint is now the most successful inbound marketing strategy ever, used by over 160 businesses and schools and growing.

What makes the Content Marketer’s Blueprint different from every other inbound marketing strategy?

  • The blueprint provides everything you need—tools, strategies, metrics, and content titles—to execute an inbound marketing campaign from top (attracting prospects) to bottom (closing customers or enrolling students).
  • The blueprint is built on the foundation of real interviews with real people in your market. The content strategy is built from those discussions, which means every title is relevant to your prospects.
  • The blueprint will identify the ideal buyer persona with the highest lifetime value for your brand.
  • The blueprint maps out a 3-6 month content strategy around the three primary pain points that your prospects are facing. These are the topics that will get your content noticed by the right people.

A plan that will grow with your business

One of the best things about the Content Marketer’s Blueprint is that it will always be useful. Whether your business is just beginning inbound marketing efforts or has been inbound marketing for years, the blueprint strategy is a strategy that will scale based on success. When you follow the blueprint, you’ll learn exactly where to focus your inbound marketing investments and where not to waste your money.

The blueprint jumpstarts your inbound marketing engine and, as the engine runs, provides actionable data to supercharge your inbound marketing efforts.