Stuck on the Services Hamster Wheel?

Marketing services are now a commodity: your business model is killing you, and it’s getting worse

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    No Time

    Too busy babysitting clients and employees

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    Where are all these agencies coming from?

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    Profit Margins

    Services margins are horrid!

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The Cure is More Strategy

Thousands of new marketing service providers are born every year, making the agency services model is a zero sum game – a hamster wheel.
Transforming your profits, scalability and client relationships is simple: do more strategy.
Strategy retainers are more valuable, profitable and rewarding than services.
Be the strategic partner your clients so desperately need!


Real Stories of Professional and Personal Transformation

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    Ben started his marketing agency because he was done with 12 hour work days. He wanted to help businesses grow, make a decent living and have enough free time to coach his son’s basketball team. Unfortunately agency life proved to be harder than advertised. The CMB partner program helped Ben transform his business model in a matter of weeks.

    Ben Engel
    Tending Up Strategy

  • Doug enjoys surfing, making money while he sleeps and being the strategic partner his clients can’t live without. After 3 years of following the CMB’s methods, Doug has achieved platinum Hubspot partner status without hiring a single employee. He is nearing 6 figures in passive, commission income and he shares his secrets, approach and success story in a 40-minute presentation.

    Doug Kirk
    Optimize 3.0

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    As of January 2017, Penguin Strategies is the fastest growing Diamond partner HubSpot has ever seen. Penguin uses the CMB as a framework for every client engagement.

    Perry Nalevka
    Diamond partner in 3 years, Penguin Strategies

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Real Success

Frantic questions asked by thousands of struggling marketing agencies

  • How do I make more money while working less?

    Strategy work is at least 3x more profitable than implementation services because it provides long-term value. Marketing strategy consultants make more money in less time because they focus on providing what is most valuable to their clients: a plan.

  • How do I achieve universal buy-in from my clients?

    Less pitching, more planning. Larger client budgets require more trust and confidence to close. That trust and confidence come naturally when you offer a proven, repeatable process for generating new business, not smoke and mirrors. Start every client with a strategy and you will achieve stronger buy-in: guaranteed.

  • How do I close larger deals faster?

    Less pitching, more planning. Larger client budgets require more trust and confidence to close. That trust and confidence comes naturally when you are offered a proven, repeatable process for generating new business, not smoke and mirrors. Start every client with a strategy and you will accelerate new business: guaranteed.

  • Why don’t my clients see me as an indispensable partner?

    Your clients’ perception of you is based on what you do for them, not what you say about yourself. When your clients refer to you as their “website person” or “content person” or “email folks” it is because they are paying for these services. If you want to be an indispensable, strategic partner: it won’t happen until they start paying you for strategy.

  • Why do my best employees leave my agency?

    Very simple: they can increase their income and contribution elsewhere. The smartest people leave services companies because the business model sucks compared to the fast growing software companies you compete with for talent. These companies offer growth (financially and personally) for the employee while working for a services agency feels like a dead end. If you want to retain top talent – change your business model to something more profitable and scalable!

  • Why do I have to do all the selling?

    Because you haven’t shown someone else how to do it! You haven’t shown someone else how because you do it differently every time. To make matters worse, clients rarely “get it” so they buy from you based on your own personal credibility and the promise that you will “figure it out”. If you can standardize what you sell and how you sell it – you have a chance at scaling your business.

  • Why do I get stuck babysitting clients and employees?

    The lack of a standardized, documented business process. You end up babysitting because you have not properly set and met expectations with your clients or your employees. The more complex your services are, the more babysitting you will do.

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